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2008-12-31 14:02:37 by Pinoyguy75

So here is the second half of my Qoutes for the year. Nearly four 4 months, 6 notes (unevenly distributed), 105 qoutes.

11/04 - roll the dice, take your turn, and see what happens
11/05 - Just because you strike out, doesn't mean that you won't hit a homerun, it just means you have to wait for your next chance
11/06 - there's You and I and unity
11/07 - sometimes things do work out as planned
11/08 - you learn something new everyday, but will you remember it
11/09 - tomorrow is always what you make of it
11/10 - sometimes all you can do is wait and see
11/11 - live your life like there is a tomorrow
11/12 - sometimes it takes that one thing to make your whole day seem better
11/13 - life's made up of opportunities, so it's a matter of choosing the right one
11/14 - sometimes the best strategy involves a lot of patience
11/15 - life isn't so much confusing as it is complicated
11/16 - if time flies by, then you need to be the pilot
11/17 - when thinking about the future, don't forget about the present
11/18 - time is like a wild river, don't fight it, just try to ride it
11/19 - it's not that you shouldn't look for signs, but that you should look for the right ones
11/20 - breaks mean the most when they're really needed
11/21 - if life were like a box of chocolates, then we would all have cavaties
11/22 - live life like you get 3 strikes
11/23 - if it's the thought that counts, then that means I shouldn't have to get you a gift at all
11/24 - people don't get what they deserve for a reason
11/25 - when life gives you candy, check it for poison
11/26 - life is a one way street with the occasional detour
11/27 - even if the glove don't fit, you can still be full of shit
11/28 - don't be fake
11/29 - don't judge based on a slice, judge by the pizza
11/30 - nothing is more clear than the truth
12/01 - run your life, don't let you life run you
12/02 - i'll stop procrastinating later
12/03 - what gives you the itis
12/04 - done with classes for the rest of the year
12/05 - there's no such thing as a stupid question, but there is such a thing as a stupid person asking a question
12/06 - that's right, the golden boy is dead, watch out for the mexicutioner, he's the thrilla from manila Manny Pacquiaoooo
12/07 - if I were Charlie Brown, I would kick lucy in the face
12/08 - it's when you find the energy to go on that you know you're giving it your all
12/09 - just because you could have done more, doesn't mean you could have done better
12/10 - aim high, expect low
12/11 - in life we only get one chance at rest, so lets hope when you take yours, that you really deserve it
12/12 - the children are the future, the young are the present, and the old are the past
12/13 - curiosity may have killed the cat, but it does solve the mystery
12/14 - it never hurts to double check
12/15 - when you make a wrong turn, find a better one
12/16 - yes, I do want a cookie
12/17 - fakeness is on the rise
12/18 - life is like a buffet, everything is open to you
12/19 - a gift says how much you know about a person
12/20 - it's not how it ends, but how you get there
12/21 - when life bites you in the ass, punch life in the face*****
12/22 - some days are just like that and thats the way it is**
12/23 - sometimes a deep, slow breath helps more than you think
12/24 - a bag of coal ain't such a bad thing
12/25 - and on this day x was born
12/26 - it's okay, it's alright
12/27 - and i'm leaving on a jet plane, but I know when i'll be back again and i don't hate to go***
12/28 -and he looked onto his disciples and said "fat bottomed girls make the rock'n world go round."****
12/29 - a nap can save the world
12/30 - blood may be thicker than water, but you need both to survive*
12/31 - make a resolution because you're gonna make it happen, not because you want it to happen

-Ryan Vergara
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Qoutes of the day

2008-11-04 01:23:14 by Pinoyguy75

So on a certain former college social networking site I started creating these quotes of the day for my status bc I didn't have much else to update people with so I thought up quotes each day whether they were a spin on an old classic or something kind of philosophic. So here's like the first two months.
(the start date is completely coincidental)

9/11- it's easy to be different, but difficult to be original.
9/12 - originality is only appreciated when it's not original anymore.*
9/13 - the only problem with doing your best is that it's never enough.**
9/14 - if those who can't do, teach, and people who can do also teach, shouldn't everyone be a teacher.
9/15 - The early bird may get a worm, but the Night owl gets his choice.*****
9/16 - once you pop, if just can't stop... then you have an addiction.****
9/17 - the only thing that makes human, is the same thing that makes them animals.
9/18 - the only thing that makes us humans, is the same thing that makes them animals
9/19 - Time is never wasted, just gone.
9/20 - a heart is a muscle, so it can't be broken, but it can be hurt.
9/21 - if you look hard enough, then it is always as it appears to be.
9/22 - the only problems with games is not the winners or the losers, but the ones who
didn't get to play.
9/23 - if there's a fine line between courage and stupidity, then there is also a fine line between enlightenment and insanity.***
9/24 - whatever happens now is behind you and whatever is about to happen is the present.
9/25 - be responsible, don't lose yourself.
9/26 - there's balance in everything, you just need to look harder
9/27 - somewhere, sometime, someone
9/28 - life is funny like that
9/29 - life's a trip, don't forget to stop for restroom breaks
9/30 - take in everything, then let it go
10/01 - there are two kinds of people in this world, you and everybody else
10/02 - life is a bunch of choices, so make one
10/03 - just let it happen and see where things go
10/04 - sometimes you just have to forget, even if you don't want to
10/05 - when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, turn around and go back to sleep for a couple minutes
10/06 - it is what it is and that's it
10/07 - if the past can let go of you, then why can't you let go of the past
10/08 - find a reason, not an excuse
10/09 - what if isn't a question, just fiction
10/10 - it's not what you know, it's what you haven't learned yet
10/11 - life may or may not be a game, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't rack up experience points
10/12 - sometimes you just need to reset and take things in perspective
10/13 - if you fail, change your gameplan and keep on going
10/14 - well... what's the best that can happen?
10/15 - sometimes thinking too much is a good thing
10/16 - even marathons have first and last place
10/17 - sometimes you just need to go with your instinct and see what happens
10/18 - it's like BAM! sometimes you just got to knock it up a notch.
10/19 - if you can't make it work... move on
10/20 - it's nice to know
10/21 - ultimately we all want to not want more
10/22 - sometimes a lil optimism is good
10/23 - sometimes it's just worth it, even if it really isn't
10/24 - sometimes you just have to find your own perspective
10/25 - sometimes plans work best when they didn't go as planned
10/26 - in life there are the assassinated, assassins, and the people who hire the assassins
10/27 - sometimes you just need the right solution
10/28 - it's the past that makes us who we are and the present that makes us who we will be
10/29 - it's not so much the beginning, middle, or end as it is the characters of a story that are important
10/30 - the trick is the treat
10/31 - sometimes you have to take a look back to look ahead
11/01 - follow your instincts, not your nose
11/02 - the best investment in life is yourself
11/03 - sometimes your on, sometimes your off, and sometimes it doesn't even matter

- Ryan Vergara
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Byterz will be eaten

2008-08-24 02:49:10 by Pinoyguy75

Yeah I like the Jabbawockeez, as an artist and for the PI!

/* */
So I realize I've been busy this summer so I decided to make a post because I like the jabbawockeez and there performing in my state VA! (not my vid)


2008-05-13 16:29:16 by Pinoyguy75

So I decided to write this after discovering some controversy about some of my old habits and news posts. Yes for the past month and a half or so I was "stat whoring" with my b/p by. (oOoOoOo shocking right?) For those of you that don't know what that is, it is when you vote really low or high on unjudged flashes in order to get a save or blam point from them. Now I DID NOT start or achieve MOST of my ranks like that, but I have achieved a COUPLE of ranks like that. Now i'm not the only one who does this or the last, but this is about me. I'm not sorry. I mean when your busy with school and work you tend to like to take the easy way to balance my stats from "save whoring" and I did. Only with my b/p, my whistle is all natural baby and I have always tried to leave positive criticisms because of that. Dirty, yes, but then again we all are in some way. I was open with it at least, albeit kind of stupid to make posts about it, but i'm not gonna lie about my activities on newgrounds because well... it's not that serious. But I will apologize to those flashes whose score might be affected by my vote (even though like 7.5 votes make up for my one) or might have been barely blammed because I did not vote fairly. I may not be sorry for stat whoring, but I am sorry to those who might have been effected by it. That being said I have went back to FAIR voting. You know actually watching and playing flashes sometimes leaving tips or positive criticisms. So now i'm gonna go back to lazying around and putting off practicing and going back to work. SO..... I'll leave you with me in my HS indoor drumline and their last competition from a couple years back in my last year of hs. So... enjoy.

/* */


2008-04-13 00:51:10 by Pinoyguy75

So like I said in my last post i'm tryin to even out my stats by basically blaming everything and well this is the first time I ran into this... I mean I know only like less than half of the stuff that comes through actually gets blammed, but this... this is just hilarious LMAO I mean 6 5's make up for my vote so w/e ha.



2008-03-27 01:01:44 by Pinoyguy75

So recently I 'm trying to even out my stats by just blamming and for anyone who is or wa stat whore will know that its a rare occassion to actually really blam something and not just vote it down. So I blammed this and clicked back on to the flash portal and realized what I had just done and had to get a screen capture and have been holding on to this for a little while. For whoever's movie this is well, I was gonna blot out your name and stuff, but i'm too lazy and just posting this to avoid writing numerous papers and speeches I have... so yeah... here it is.


First Ban

2008-02-01 16:05:30 by Pinoyguy75


First Ban

Intro to Legend of Zelda Fanfic

2008-01-29 23:24:02 by Pinoyguy75

So one day awhile back when I finished a L(egend) o(f) Z(elda) game I realized that I have played almost all of its games and not on purpose mind you. Just some weird coincidence I guess. So I wondered how all the games tied together and apparently only the creator know of the timeline (he planned it out)and everything else is speculation. After making my own theory I was bored and looked around on the forums and saw some fanfics and found some real life LoZ videos (which frankly sucked). Afterwards I started thinking about my old marching band shows and BAM! the perfect idea for my own fanfic on the LoZ series with a little twist to it. So I had the perfect ending and after finishing it I thought of a great intro and a year later here I am working on the story again. So here's the intro (revised after some criticisms form the writing crew).

"The Firebird is a magical creature that is one of a kind. Almost immortal, the firebird dies in flames and rises from its ashes. Its memory has vast amount of information spanning many lifetimes. Its feathers are very special, they never fall unless the Phoenix lets go of it. The feather by itself is indestructible and can return to the creature if called and will always be felt by the Firebird. Its flight is like no other, a sight of sights. To see the firebird in flight would be like watching a river of fire in the sky. Some say it may be the pet of Din, let on the world she help create to help those in need and those truly special. A meeting would be like talking with a god." With those words, Link, the son of Ras, was off to find himself.

Ras is a great warrior, descendant of a family of secret heroes, like Jaft before him and Kas before him. Along their journey's they have met many people of special talents and positions who without them, the evil that threatened this world would have succeeded in taking control. Although this help is only given to a chosen few, it is wasted on many. So through one journey of self fulfillment came generations of heroes that the world will never know. This journey usually begins at the age of 13, when it is most important in a person's growth.

Link has spent years training in the ways of the sword and only has the task of finding a material and making one himself to complete his sword training. So this is why Link leaves home with only a shield made of wood and a grappling hook, but no sword. He leaves in search of the first stop on his journey, a secret Goron civilization, unknown to the world; they are the protectors of all Gorons.

Villains will always have a hero to fight and the good will always have evil to challenge it.

Intro to Legend of Zelda Fanfic

#13 WoOt!

2008-01-05 22:07:50 by Pinoyguy75

So I saw on someone's signature for this site to check your stats and because I was bored I did. So I checked it out and it was all good then I checked the rankings on Newgrounds Log. Apparently I rank #13 for most missed deposits right behind Wade Fulp. LoL and I bet your like "Well Mr. Pinoyguy75, how did you miss 2004 deposits?" Well, when I discoverd this awesome site spring of 2002 (freshman year LoL) I got addicted for awhile, checkin out stuff like disordely(sucked at it), xiao-xaio (the originator, where is part 2 of 8, I mean its een like a million years?), drug dealer, the space version of that (frgot the name), malapa (took so long to beat) and of course the original simgirl, but after a couple of years I got busy with school and such and tried to visit as much as I could and got on winter break after a semester... i mean exam week of hard work LoL with nothin to do and checked out newgrounds and it seemed different, but familiar and rediscovered why i liked it so much. So... on break for another couple weeks (WoAh! I know right) so i'm just gonna try to work on stats (a bit of a stat whore I know) tryin to save/blam as much as I can and watchin out for power star 4 and gettin a lot of whistle help from Rage's. So If anyone reads this, thanks a lot and watch out bc I may have more saves I only vote 0 & 5 and my vote can make some difference in judgement. Also... studying does kind of help, weird HuH?