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Entry #9

Qoutes of the Day Dos

2008-12-31 14:02:37 by Pinoyguy75

So here is the second half of my Qoutes for the year. Nearly four 4 months, 6 notes (unevenly distributed), 105 qoutes.

11/04 - roll the dice, take your turn, and see what happens
11/05 - Just because you strike out, doesn't mean that you won't hit a homerun, it just means you have to wait for your next chance
11/06 - there's You and I and unity
11/07 - sometimes things do work out as planned
11/08 - you learn something new everyday, but will you remember it
11/09 - tomorrow is always what you make of it
11/10 - sometimes all you can do is wait and see
11/11 - live your life like there is a tomorrow
11/12 - sometimes it takes that one thing to make your whole day seem better
11/13 - life's made up of opportunities, so it's a matter of choosing the right one
11/14 - sometimes the best strategy involves a lot of patience
11/15 - life isn't so much confusing as it is complicated
11/16 - if time flies by, then you need to be the pilot
11/17 - when thinking about the future, don't forget about the present
11/18 - time is like a wild river, don't fight it, just try to ride it
11/19 - it's not that you shouldn't look for signs, but that you should look for the right ones
11/20 - breaks mean the most when they're really needed
11/21 - if life were like a box of chocolates, then we would all have cavaties
11/22 - live life like you get 3 strikes
11/23 - if it's the thought that counts, then that means I shouldn't have to get you a gift at all
11/24 - people don't get what they deserve for a reason
11/25 - when life gives you candy, check it for poison
11/26 - life is a one way street with the occasional detour
11/27 - even if the glove don't fit, you can still be full of shit
11/28 - don't be fake
11/29 - don't judge based on a slice, judge by the pizza
11/30 - nothing is more clear than the truth
12/01 - run your life, don't let you life run you
12/02 - i'll stop procrastinating later
12/03 - what gives you the itis
12/04 - done with classes for the rest of the year
12/05 - there's no such thing as a stupid question, but there is such a thing as a stupid person asking a question
12/06 - that's right, the golden boy is dead, watch out for the mexicutioner, he's the thrilla from manila Manny Pacquiaoooo
12/07 - if I were Charlie Brown, I would kick lucy in the face
12/08 - it's when you find the energy to go on that you know you're giving it your all
12/09 - just because you could have done more, doesn't mean you could have done better
12/10 - aim high, expect low
12/11 - in life we only get one chance at rest, so lets hope when you take yours, that you really deserve it
12/12 - the children are the future, the young are the present, and the old are the past
12/13 - curiosity may have killed the cat, but it does solve the mystery
12/14 - it never hurts to double check
12/15 - when you make a wrong turn, find a better one
12/16 - yes, I do want a cookie
12/17 - fakeness is on the rise
12/18 - life is like a buffet, everything is open to you
12/19 - a gift says how much you know about a person
12/20 - it's not how it ends, but how you get there
12/21 - when life bites you in the ass, punch life in the face*****
12/22 - some days are just like that and thats the way it is**
12/23 - sometimes a deep, slow breath helps more than you think
12/24 - a bag of coal ain't such a bad thing
12/25 - and on this day x was born
12/26 - it's okay, it's alright
12/27 - and i'm leaving on a jet plane, but I know when i'll be back again and i don't hate to go***
12/28 -and he looked onto his disciples and said "fat bottomed girls make the rock'n world go round."****
12/29 - a nap can save the world
12/30 - blood may be thicker than water, but you need both to survive*
12/31 - make a resolution because you're gonna make it happen, not because you want it to happen

-Ryan Vergara
(feel free to QUOTE ME ^^^^^)
*ranks personal favorites by 5 - 1, 5 = most favorite and 1 = least favorite of starred quotes.


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2009-01-02 15:02:05


Pinoyguy75 responds:

thats like the diplegic calling the dyslexic disabled


2009-05-18 23:30:03

pinoy ka pla haha


2010-06-06 02:20:55

Pssst. Saan ka banda?